Our town and building are rather unique, and it has a unique history too. The town of Blue Ball sits at the intersection of Route 23 and Route 322, and it’s name originated from a trademark blue copper ball that was hung outside the Blue Ball Inn. At the inn's inception in 1809, John Wallace, an Irish immigrant, built a small building in Earl Town at the intersection of two Indian trails - French Creek Path (Route 23) and Paxtang (Route 322). He hung a blue ball in front of the inn and called it "The Sign of the Blue Ball.” Local residents began referring to Earl Town as Blue Ball, after the inn. In 1833, Earl Town officially changed its name to Blue Ball. The inn stood for more than 200 years until it fell to the wrecking ball in 1997.

Today, the actual Blue Ball can be seen at the New Holland Historical Society Museum.

Our building, rather unique in size and layout, has been home to a number of businesses through the years. One a manufacturing facility for ladies hosiery, the sewing machinery’s steam pipes still run along the ceilings and under the floors. Part of the building was used a telecommunications switchboard center. And for a length of time it was also an indoor flea market. A karate studio operated out of the building as well.

In the early 1990’s, a small business was opened in just 4,000 sq.ft. of the building, known as Flower Warehouse - selling wholesale silk flower arrangements to grocery stores. Within a few years, the small operation opened its doors to the public, and slowly the Flower Warehouse took over the entire 135,000 sq.ft. building and became the Flower & Craft Warehouse. This retail business drew customers from all over the East Coast and quickly developed a name for itself among shoppers and crafters, with the largest floral selection, possibly in the entire country.

The Flower & Craft Warehouse closed in 2013, and the property was purchased by Ken & Audrey Mull, of Myerstown, PA. The business was redeveloped in 2013, and opened as the Flower & Home Marketplace in September, 2013.

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